Debate on policy at the 2018 AMA National Conference

In response to the comments of delegates in previous years, and in the interests of making National Conference a forum for debate on issues of relevance to AMA members, in 2018 a new format will be introduced on day two of the Conference with debate on policy motions that have been put forward by Councils and Committees of Federal Council, and State AMA Councils.  These motions on notice were received within the time period permitted under National Conference Standing Order 4.3 for Notice of Motions. 

Debate on day two will be governed by the rules of debate set out in the Standing Orders of National Conference. These have been amended in 2018 to specify that debate can run for no more than 30 minutes on any one topic. All AMA member delegates may participate in the debate on motions, and vote on the resolutions.

Resolutions of National Conference are advisory only and any resolution adopted by delegates will be submitted to Federal Council for formal adoption and implementation.

Categories of policy debate by topic:


  • Should we be quarantining training places for Rural Medical Generalists?
  • Do we need to take a stronger stand to stop discrimination in recruitment, employment and flexible work practices?
  • Is prevocational research worth the (CV) paper it’s written on?
  • The implications of the Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba case for Australian doctors
  • Modified Monash Model Classification for all Government programs

Public health

  • E-cigarettes as a harm reduction measure
  • Environmental sustainability in healthcare 

Mental health; disability

  • Access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme for people with psychosocial disability

Health care funding

  • Funding general practice to reduce hospitalisation
  • Supporting implementation of quality initiatives through entrenching the role of the profession and guaranteeing adequate funding
  • The role of GPs in providing long-term healthcare
  • Artificial intelligence in healthcare
  • Competitive Neutrality
  • Healthcare efficacy and efficiency
  • AMA schedule of recommended fees
  • Booking fees

Doctors and industry

  • Doctors dispensing pharmaceutical or other therapeutic products
  • Provision of product samples to patients 

Professional issues (retirement; LGBTIQ)

  • Supporting LGBTIQ doctors and medical students
  • Gender equity
  • A Survey of Member Attitudes to Limited Registration and Transition to Retirement

The motions and supporting background is available here