Melbourne to host 2017 AMA National Conference

The 2017 AMA National Conference – the annual showpiece of the Federal AMA – will be held at the Sofitel on Collins, Melbourne, from 26-28 May 2017.

The conference provides a platform for Australia’s leading doctors to share their ideas on the way ahead for Australia’s health system and to discuss themes in global health.

Contemporary domestic health issues will be at the heart of discussions, with the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader, the Health Minister, Shadow Health Minister, and Leader of The Greens invited to share their health policy objectives.

“We will be keen to hear their intentions on the Medicare patient rebate freeze, general practice and the Health Care Home Trial, public hospital funding, the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review, private health insurance, and Indigenous health, to name just a few of the policies affecting our practices,” said AMA President, Dr Michael Gannon. 

The AMA invites all doctors to take part in informative discussions and debates on ‘big picture’ factors that influence our health system and health systems around the world. These include:

  • Tackling Obesity – experts will present a range of perspectives around the global obesity epidemic and possible solutions, with a special focus on how AMA policy can help the Government respond in a meaningful way. 
  • Threats Beyond Borders – an interactive panel discussion on potential infectious diseases and threats that cross our borders, and the possible role of a National Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in Australia.
  • Improving Australia’s Organ Donation Rate – Australia is a world leader in achieving successful organ transplant outcomes, but our organ donation rate needs to increase to match world leaders. This session will examine the ethical and practical considerations related to Australia's lagging organ donation rate. 

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