Threats beyond Borders: Australia at Risk from Infectious Diseases

 In early 2017, the AMA called on the Government to make Australia a world leader in science, medicine, and research by establishing an Australian Centre for Disease Control (CDC).  

The AMA Position Statement on an Australian Centre for Disease Control (CDC) stated that there are emerging problems of controlling communicable diseases within Australia’s borders, and a CDC would provide a national focus on current and emerging communicable disease threats. Diseases and health threats do not respect borders, and the prevention of epidemics, pandemics, and other threats, and the capacity to conduct national responses, must be undertaken by an appropriately funded and staffed CDC. 

Threats Beyond Borders will be an interactive panel discussion on potential infectious diseases and threats, the role of a National Centre for Disease Control (CDC), current approaches to infectious disease threats, and how Australia would manage communicable threats that cross our borders.