Dr Chris Moy


I seek to be the Vice President to Dr Omar Khorshid should he be successful in his candidacy for Federal AMA President.

I believe in the vision that he has for an AMA which is strong, brave and unapologetically independent and which can inspire and lead doctors into the difficult future that we appear to be facing.

Like Omar, I have significant experience in health policy, advocacy, politics and media through holding roles such as the current Chair of the Federal AMA Ethics and Medico-legal Committee and the AMA South Australia Presidency.

I understand that a key role of Vice President is to constantly push, question and encourage the President to be the best that they can be, something which I believe that I am well placed to do having developed a great working relationship with Omar in our 6 years on Federal Council together.

I offer complementary expertise in general practice and areas such as end of life care and digital health, but will also be the voice always reminding the President of the rich gamut of views amongst our members. Support for Doctors in Training and Rural Doctors have been priorities for me in South Australia and will continue to be so nationally should I be successful.

I stand in lockstep support of Omar in seeking to develop an AMA which on the one hand provides individual members with the daily services and support that they need, but is also an organisation through which their views can be heard and translated into clear and strong messaging and leadership  which inspires positive change for the benefit of our members and the community.