Dr Chris Zappala

Dr Chris Zappala is the Vice-President of the Australian Medical Association.  He is a thoracic and sleep physician who works as a senior staff specialist at Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital and in private practice in Brisbane and in Hervey Bay.  

His formative years were spent in Queensland and also London at the Royal Brompton Hospital where he worked in asthma and interstitial lung disease. 

Dr Zappala’s special interests are focused on interstitial lung diseases and pulmonary hypertension.  His research interests include definition of prognostic indicators in interstitial lung disease, and relating structure to function in complex diffuse parenchymal lung diseases.  Dr Zappala also has an active interest in sleep disordered breathing and chronic airways disease, the latter leading to his interest in new therapies available in chronic obstructive airways disease and asthma.  

He is a founding member of the Lung Foundation Australia Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Australian Registry steering committee. Current key medicopolitical issues are improved remuneration for general practice, private health insurance reform with improved health literacy and medical workforce management and distribution.