Dr Christopher Zappala

Dr Christopher Zappala MBBS(Hons), GAICD, GCAE, AMusA, MHM, MD, FRACP, FAMA.

The Australian Medical Association is on the threshold of important evolution and growth.  Our digital maturity has begun and there is renewed value in and cooperation around the AMA family.  We are starting to achieve collective action that will make our Association stronger, even more proudly recognisable in the community and more influential.  At the heart of our ethos however remains our members.

The AMA embraces and gains strength from a wide range of members with diverse interests and needs – but we can do more.  I believe strongly that our future requires the opportunity for every member to have direct input into policy and advocacy.  Alongside our legendary individualism is an unshakeable truth that we are all connected.  By fostering the involvement and interests of our members we can develop a stronger Association that speaks with the authority of the entire profession.  How we think and what we do must always reinforce this unassailable, unique truth – no doctor is left behind.

I recognise that a fundamental outcome must always be to support an independent, high-quality and well regarded doctor-patient relationship and to make the working lives of doctors that little bit easier.  The AMA will always strive to improve policy and capture funding with this goal in mind, but our association is uniquely placed to promote medical leadership, improve culture and empower individual doctors and support practices to be more resilient, efficient and appropriately rewarded for capably managing complex health problems.  No doctor left behind.

For many of us medicine is in our blood.  We have an opportunity to harness the strength of our federation to achieve positive change that protects properly resourced, medical-led care as the foundation of our healthcare system.  The immediate future is critical for each and every doctor in this country.  This moment must therefore be approached with collaboration, continuity of vision and unyielding effort.  I ask for your support as President to claim this vision.