Dr Ines Rio

Dr Ines Rio MBBS (Hons), FRACGP, MPH, FAICD, DRCOG, GradDipVen

We are at a crossroad in our profession and in our health care system. Never in the last 30 years of being a doctor and GP in many settings have I seen the disruption that has become so apparent in the past six months, which has laid open cracks in the foundation. Maldistribution, increasing inequity in access and care, fragmentation of care, declining remuneration, bureaucracy for its own sake, too much work for some, too little for others, burnout, and declining autonomy and authority in health care systems. 

The funding crisis will deepen over the next generation because of COVID. Yet, such a crisis brings opportunities for the AMA to refocus the deep and broad knowledge, connections, skills, commitment, and energies of our members and staff to mould the future. For our community to get optimal health care outcomes this needs to be focused on strengthening and supporting the doctor-patient relationship, with general practice at the core of this.

I have extensive experience at many levels in a range of health care organisations and systems, with a demonstrated ability to conceive an improved future and work collaboratively with others towards a shared vision. I am outcomes and values based. I believe in the power of our united profession and that to be a doctor is a privilege. It is through our profession that the health of our community is best served – in patient care, in leading and reforming health care systems, and in the advocacy our respected voice brings to important public health issues. It is the AMA that harnesses our collective voices, wisdom, and commitment towards a better future for our profession and therefore the health of our patients and community. 

I respectfully and humbly ask for your vote as Vice President of the Federal AMA.