Ms Jessica Yang

Ms Jessica Yang is the 2019 President of the Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA), the peak representative body for Australia’s 17 000 medical students. AMSA connects, informs and represents students studying at each Australia’s 22 medical schools by means of advocacy campaigns, national events, community and wellbeing projects and publications. AMSA is a volunteer-run organisation with a team of over 500 medical students, overseen by the National Executive and the Board of Directors.

Ms Yang has completed her fourth year of Medicine at Western Sydney University (WSU) and a research project under Dr Ian Turner identifying alcohol knowledge and consumption in her local area. Jessica has been heavily involved in student advocacy and volunteering particularly within AMSA for several years, as the Executive Publications Officer, WSU’s AMSA Representative and National Convention Creative Director. She has also contributed to her university medical society and the NSW Medical Students’ Council.

In her role as AMSA President, Ms Yang works with stakeholders like the Australian Medical Association, the Department of Health, Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand and the Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association.